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Tramps Like Us - New Baroque Pop-Up


Lexington, Kentucky, 2014


An exhibition curated by New Baroque founder Aaron Skolnick


Currents - Lexington Art League


Lexington, Kentucky, 2013


An exhibition of conceptual art curated by Louis Zoellar Bickett


Two-dimensional, mixed media


Various Exhibitions


Semi-autobiographical collages with ephemera from multiple cities collected over one year

Travel Journal
Bound journal with mixed media


Not exhibited


Journal completed during a UK Honors Program Journal/Journey Travel Grant and a Travel Award administered by the Gaines Fellowship in the Humanities


Sewn Collages
Thread, paper


Innagural Exhibition, 21c Museum Hotel Louisville, Vitrine


Various paper products sewn into patterns


Camel Cash Collages
Camel cash, adhesive, paper


Not exhibited


Camel cash arranged in patterns


The Luminous and Clear Solution to the Conflict in My Depths: Four Seasons Collages
Mixed Media


Various exhibitions


Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter


RANCH: Rethinking a Typology
Vintage book, pink paper


Volume forthcoming


Questioning context and form via the American ranch house archetype


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